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The Precision Medicine research project is exploring new and innovative ways to treat ovarian cancer.

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Treatment for ovarian cancer patients hasn’t significantly changed in the past 30 years and although ovarian cancer is a spectrum of diseases, treatment generally remains a one-size-fits-all approach.

A new hope for ovarian cancer treatment

“Precision Medicine” is an innovative new treatment approach that involves the individual profiling of each patient’s cancer to rapidly understand and predict which, of over 2,000 different FDA-approved drugs, will be the most effective treatment for this person’s specific cancer type. The recommendations are provided in real time, allowing immediate implementation by treating clinicians.

Last year, a proof-of-concept clinical trial was run by the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, thanks to the generosity of the OCRF community, which provided great promise for the effectiveness of this approach. The trial identified 16 different drugs that show promise in treating ovarian cancer that previously had not been utilised in ovarian cancer treatment.  In addition, a detailed analysis identified that 4 drugs were able to re-sensitise ovarian cancer cells to various chemotherapies, giving hope to many women and girls currently impacted by ovarian cancer.

Dr Maree Bilandzic is one of the dedicated researchers working on this project, eager to continue this important work by expanding the trial.

“Knowing that over 80% of ovarian cancer patients experience recurrence and ultimately are at risk of chemo-resistance, this new, personalised approach presents an exciting possibility to significantly shift survivability and improve quality of life for eligible patients.” 

For those women who are in the later stages of the disease and have developed chemo-resistance, this targeted, more effective approach offers the opportunity for treatment to continue, and for their lives to be extended - giving them more time to spend with the people they love.

Every woman deserves precision medicine. Every woman deserves more time.

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Help fund the expansion of clinical trials

The minimum cost of the next phase of the Precision Medicine research project is $135,000. Based on current projections, the cost to offer this trial is $9,000 per patient. However, we can take advantage of significant economies of scale if we can raise more than that. Our aim is to reduce the cost to $2,000 per patient, therefore being able to offer this breakthrough treatment to more eligible women and girls living with ovarian cancer right now.

The more we raise, the more women we can help.

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