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Digga matching donations for precision medicine

The Precision Medicine research project is exploring new and innovative ways to treat ovarian cancer. Clinical trials have identified 16 FDA-approved drugs that can be repurposed to treat ovarian cancer. Digga is matching donations to expand this trial.

Digga will double your impact

Digga is matching donations for 10 days to help fund the expansion of this trial.

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Treatment for ovarian cancer patients hasn’t significantly changed in the past 30 years and although ovarian cancer is a spectrum of diseases, treatment generally remains a one-size-fits-all approach.

A new hope for ovarian cancer treatment

“Precision Medicine” is an innovative new treatment approach that involves the individual profiling of each patient’s cancer to rapidly understand and predict which, of over 2,000 different FDA-approved drugs, will be the most effective treatment for this person’s specific cancer type. The recommendations are provided in real time, allowing immediate implementation by treating clinicians.

Last year, a proof-of-concept clinical trial was run by the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, thanks to the generosity of the OCRF community, which provided great promise for the effectiveness of this approach. The trial identified 16 different drugs that show promise in treating ovarian cancer that previously had not been utilised in ovarian cancer treatment.  In addition, a detailed analysis identified that 4 drugs were able to re-sensitise ovarian cancer cells to various chemotherapies, giving hope to many women and girls currently impacted by ovarian cancer.

Digga will double your impact

Digga’s former CEO Suzie Wright was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2017, and unfortunately passed away just 15 months after her diagnosis. She left a big legacy at the organisation, and we are committed to honouring her memory by supporting vital ovarian cancer research through the OCRF.

As part of the OCRF’s Precision Medicine Appeal, Digga Australia will be matching donations, dollar for dollar, to help raise as much as possible in support of this clinical trial. That means if you donate $500, we’ll match it to make it $1000. The more we can raise, the more the trial can expand.

Economies of scale mean that if the OCRF can raise $270,000, they can reduce the cost of offering this treatment from $9000 per patient, to $2000, enabling more women to participate.

Precision medicine not only offers women living with this deadly disease a gentler, more personalised treatment approach, it also offers them more time. Time to spend with their loved ones, time feeling healthy.

Every woman deserves precision medicine. Every woman deserves more time.

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