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Progress in the treatment of ovarian cancer

For three decades, ovarian cancer treatment has seen almost no change. Currently, it involves a one-size-fits-all approach, ignoring the spectrum of diseases that fall under the label of ovarian cancer.

The OCRF-funded precision medicine program aims to change that. Last year, we launched a 12-month pilot to develop individualised treatment plans for patients, called Precision Medicine Program in Ovarian Cancer (PMPOC).

With our partner, Hudson Institute of Medical Research, we’re happy to announce the PMPOC pilot has had promising results and is now moving toward clinical trials.

Aiming to improve treatment for patients

The high mortality rate of ovarian cancer can be attributed to a high recurrence of the disease—often with resistance to traditional treatment (like chemotherapy).

The PMPOC focuses on developing the best strategy to treat ovarian cancer before chemotherapy begins. The aim is to both prevent recurrence and manage treatment by predicting patient responses ahead of time.

The program platform will predict patients’ responses to over 2000 different drugs, identifying the best combination for patients and refining treatment on a molecular level.

Trials show promising results

The platform has been validated and has uncovered key findings in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

By continually analysing the disease profile of a small group of patients, the pilot found:

  • New therapeutic combinations that can suppress the disease.
  • A successful way to predict the best treatment plan to manage the disease.
  • A fast way to trial new drugs that can effectively treat the disease.

The pilot is now moving toward clinical trials—putting the platform into practice during the ovarian cancer treatment planning process for many women and girls with ovarian cancer.

Keep research moving

This research wouldn’t have been possible without the overwhelming support of the OCRF community. We’re so thankful for the generous members of our community who supported the project last year with a donation.

Right now, due to cancelled events and impacted partnerships in light of the coronavirus, the OCRF is facing a funding gap. We need your help to keep research like this moving. Will you help us by making a 100% tax-deductible donation today?

04 June 2020
Category: Research