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Research is the OCRF's primary focus. While we cannot offer direct support services, we know that the need for specialised support—whether emotional, practical or physical—is common among our supporters and indeed all women experiencing ovarian cancer.

We can direct you to the following reputable support services for further help in this area.

Going through your own diagnosis is an extremely challenging time, and we all process this news differently. You might be struggling with your emotions, with burning questions to which you can’t find reliable answers, and with questions about family and future.

Or if you're seeing a loved one go through a diagnosis and treatment, that brings about its own set of challenges. Often, for friends and family, the yearning to offer support and to act as a caregiver can also come into play, as well as the need to seek information and work through your own emotional journey.

There are helpful resources available, including counselling and practical support through Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

For specific ovarian cancer support services, you can reach out to Ovarian Cancer Australia. Their Resilience Kit is a useful tool to inform, support, and help you connect with others through shared experience

Cancer CouncilOvarian Cancer Australia


A powerful voice for the ovarian cancer community

"My advocacy and fundraising work with OCRF has helped me stay positive and determined to keep enjoying life. While there is much work still to be done to improve the prognosis of this cancer, I‘ve been so grateful and encouraged by all the love and support from the local community involved in supporting this cause."
- Sarah Tidey, OCRF ambassador, Ovarian Cancer Patient

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