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Shareable resources

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World Ovarian Cancer Day - Australian Statistics




General awareness & facts

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Team OCRF fundraising

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community advocacy

Unfortunately, due to the ferocity of this insidious disease, too many women lose their lives before having a chance to advocate for themselves or share their story. 

Whether you are living with ovarian cancer or know someone affected, you have a powerful voice that can raise awareness in your community. We encourage you to use the resources here to share the reality of ovarian cancer today, as well as the great hope for a better future on the horizon. 

Research is the key to a future where women can live free from the threat of ovarian cancer, and your powerful voice can help us get there.

Access the advocacy guide below to get started.



Click the links below to get the best tips and tricks for your online fundraising, as well as guidance on asking your friends, family and colleagues for donations. 

Online fundraising for White Shirt Campaign

Email template - asking for donations

* you can swap out the White Shirt Campaign and refer to your own fundraising idea


White Shirt Campaign

Download pledge card 

Quick Facts about ovarian cancer flyer

White Shirt Campaign Email template for workplaces

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