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Georg Jensen x OCRF

georg jensen Moebius heart x ocrf

Introducing the Moebius Heart Pendant – the curves of the Moebius pendant represent the idea of endlessness and infinity, and is a symbol of Georg Jensen’s ongoing partnership and commitment to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF). Over the last six years, Georg Jensen has raised over $360,000 for the OCRF to help fund and keep researchers in the lab to continue their integral work on improving ovarian cancer outcomes. The OCRF has been proud to partner with Georg Jensen over the past 5 years, to create timeless pieces of jewellery which support ovarian cancer research.

This year, we are proud to continue this partnership through the latest exquisite piece from Georg Jensen: the Moebius Heart pendant.

For Every Curve Heart sold in sterling silver or 18kt yellow gold 

Georg Jensen will donate $50 from the sale of silver pendant and $200 from the sale of the 18kt yellow gold pendant directly to the OCRF to help fund vital research that will save women's lives.

The Moebius Heart pendant

A symbol of love, devotion and infinity.

Designed in both sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold, the The Georg Jensen Moebius Heart is inspired by the endless form of the Moebius shape in having only one surface and one edge, where the outside and inside are forever intertwined.

Wearing a Moebius Heart Pendant can help start discussions about ovarian cancer, why it’s important to be familiar with your body and to be on the lookout for ovarian cancer.

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The Ambassadors

We are excited to announce the wonderful ambassadors for the 2021 Georg Jensen campaign, each of whom has shown such passion and commitment to raising the profile of ovarian cancer in Australia, now joined together to push for change.

Gemma Ward

Gemma is passionate about working to help improve survival rates for such an insidious disease that affects so many lives. Unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions with ovarian cancer, which is why it is important to share the facts and raise funds for ovarian cancer research. 

"(Wearing the pendant) feels like sisterhood. It feels like you can be connected to the other women".

Renee Bargh

Renee strongly believes that ovarian cancer is something that every woman should discuss with their family and friends. With only 29% of women who are diagnosed at a late stage will survive for more than 5 years, the development of an early detection test for ovarian cancer is absolutely crucial. 

"Every single dollar is creating hope".

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Magdalena Roze

Magdalena wears the 18 kt. Gold Moebius Heart Pendant to show her support for the fight against ovarian cancer. Being a highly trusted wellness authority, she wants to bring attention to the vague symptoms and warning signs of ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, by the time the symptoms are more apparent, the cancer is already at an advanced stage.

"I thought (a pap smear) did everything".

Jessica Vander Leahy

Jessica prides herself on highlighting women’s issues and ovarian cancer is another topic she feels strongly about and wants to vocalise as she wants a brighter future for females. 

"Anything to do with your feminine parts of your body is not anything to be ashamed of".

OCRF Ambassdor, Associate Professor Siobhan O'Sullivan

Assoc. Prof. Siobhan received life-changing news amid the global pandemic last year. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is an ovarian cancer patient on a monthly chemotherapy regime. Sadly, her ovarian cancer is aggressive, and remission is very unlikely. Siobhan has committed the rest of her life to raising awareness about ovarian cancer and wants detection to become easier for the next generation of girls and women.  

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Eleanor Pendleton

Eleanor has been a proud supporter of the Georg Jensen x OCRF campaign for many years. As the founder and editor-in-chief of Gritty Pretty, she believes in using her platforms to inform and educate women about ovarian cancer. 

"If we have those conversations early, we might just help someone beat this disease". 

Oncologist, Dr Yeh Chen Lee

Dr. Yeh Chen has dedicated her life as an oncologist to treating people with cancer as she wants to help her patients navigate through their cancer journey. Dr. Yeh Chen is currently treating Assoc. Prof. Siobhan, and she stresses the need for more research to make incremental discoveries and treatment breakthroughs in ovarian cancer to improve her patients’ chances of surviving. 

Brooke Boney

Australian reporter and presenter, Brooke wants to use her media influence to promote dialogue around the shocking statistics of ovarian cancer and how research will ultimately lead to a better future for the next generation of girls and women. 

"Four women in Australia just today will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer... it's heartbreaking".

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