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Georg Jensen x OCRF

Investing in today, tomorrow and future generations

The OCRF has been proud to partner with Georg Jensen over the past 5 years, to create timeless pieces of jewellery which support ovarian cancer research.

Over the years, Georg Jensen have generously donated a portion of the sales of their selected pieces, contributing in excess of $300,000 over the five years of the partnership with the OCRF, demonstrating their commitment to improving outcomes for women diagnosed with this disease.

This year, we are proud to continue this partnership through the latest exquisite piece from Georg Jensen: the Curve Heart pendant.

For Every Curve Heart sold in sterling silver or 18kt yellow gold Georg Jensen will donate majority of profits directly to OCRF.

Currently, one woman dies every eight hours as a result of ovarian cancer, and an estimated 14,000 Australian women will lose their lives over the next 10 years. We know that an early detection test is the key to significantly increasing the detection of this insidious disease in its early stages, ultimately saving 8,000 women's lives.

In partnership with Georg Jensen, we have brought together advocates, researchers and women living with ovarian cancer to help convey the immense impact that an early detection test could have on the future outcomes for women and girls faced with an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

The Curve Heart Pendant

Designed in both sterling silver and 18 carat yellow gold, the Curve Heart Pendant is a timeless piece, perfect to gift to a special person in your life, or to treat yourself with. The sale of each pendant is made extra special by their support for vital ovarian cancer research, which has the potential to help improve treatments and therapies for women living with ovarian cancer now, and make ovarian cancer the success story of the next generation through the development of an early detection test.

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The Ambassadors

We are excited to announce five wonderful ambassadors for the 2020 Georg Jensen campaign, each of whom has shown such passion and commitment to raising the profile of ovarian cancer in Australia, now joined together to push for change.

Anna Heinrich

As a Mum to-be, Anna Heinrich hopes that in the future, women and girls will be protected from late-stage diagnosis, by the development of an early detection test for ovarian cancer.

"I can't think of a better way to spend my money. Together we can make a difference".

Monika Tasic

Monika was just 27 years old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, with the very minor symptom of abdominal bloating, she was diagnosed with stage 2A Germ Cell Ovarian Cancer. Monika was fortunate enough that her rare type of ovarian cancer exhibited symptoms in the early stages and was treated in time. She wants all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer to have that outcome.

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Julie Bishop

The Honourable Julie Bishop continues to be a strong advocate for ovarian cancer research, working with the OCRF and partner organisations to raise the profile of ovarian cancer in Australia. 

"Every preventable death from ovarian cancer is a tragedy for a family deprived of a loving mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother".

Nicole Yuwono

Nicole Yuwono is a research Assistant and PHD candidate at the School of Women's & Children's Health, UNSW. Nicole's team are working to develop a test that is sensitive enough to detect DNA changes in the blood that occur in the early stages of ovarian cancer. 

"The funding from Georg Jensen allows us to continue our research without the constant anxiety of not knowing where our next funding will come from".

Jules Sebastian

As a longstanding friend of Georg Jensen, and a mum of two, Jules calls for anyone who can, to share the message, share the facts and buy a pendant. 

Jules also hosted OCRF Ambassador, Leane Flynn, on her YouTube show 'Tea with Jules' in late 2019, opening her eyes to the situation for women currently living with ovarian cancer.

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Eleanor Pendleton

Eleanor Pendleton, founder of digital publication Gritty Pretty, is a new mum and expresses her gratitude for her ovaries and the power of what they can do - they gave her her son. She understands the desperate need to protect women from this insidious disease, which can take away their chance to start a family.

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