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The OCRF wants to ensure a future where no woman’s well-being is endangered by ovarian cancer. With your support, and through our collaborative efforts, we have significantly increased the funding available to researchers who are helping to make this goal a reality.

The OCRF has grown to become Australia’s #1 charity dedicated to funding ovarian cancer research

OCRF-funded research has already contributed to significant knowledge around the basic biology of ovarian cancer. This includes better understandings of disease subtypes, cancer origin, and cancer growth and spread.

This foundational understanding is paving the way for future research. We are proud to have played a role in that future through our advocacy work, which succeeded in generating significant government investment in the early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer through the National Women’s Health Strategy 2020–2030.

In 2019 - 2020 financial year...


paid toward ovarian cancer research grants 



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We give hope to those living with ovarian cancer

“I was shocked to learn that less than 25% of women with my stage survive five years beyond diagnosis. With the OCRF alongside me, I'm hopeful that we can improve outcomes for this disease.”
- Sarah Tidey, OCRF ambassador, Ovarian Cancer Patient

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We are Australia’s pre-eminent charity dedicated to funding the most promising and innovative ovarian cancer research. With our myriad of supporters, both corporate and community, the OCRF will fund the best research proposals that:

  • provide hope and personalised treatment options to the women currently fighting ovarian cancer
  • aim to develop a non-invasive, accessible and reliable early detection test that will shift women’s overall survivability rates from 46% to 90–100% post five years
  • are focused on prevention and cure so that women in the future will live without any threat of ovarian cancer

Community fundraising events held in support of the OCRF contributing just over


Not only does the OCRF directly channel the most money into ovarian cancer research of any Australian charity, but it strives to be the charity of choice by:

  • focusing on the research that will make the greatest difference to the greatest number of women
  • using international and Australian experts in the field to identify the most innovative and promising research projects via our Scientific Advisory Committee
  • having a clear and achievable strategy including focusing on the here and now, to extend the lives of women with ovarian cancer; and an eye to the future, removing the lethal threat and eradicating the disease

While our advocacy around the importance of early detection has now been endorsed by the Federal Minister for Health (and included in the National Women’s Health Strategy 2020–2030), we will continue to pursue better outcomes for the thousands of women and their families impacted by an ovarian cancer diagnosis.


We are tackling ovarian cancer in new ways

“The researchers we have funded are taking innovative approaches to tackling ovarian cancer from a range of different angles. We are optimistic that more women’s lives will be saved by the efforts of our researchers.”
- Lucinda Nolan, OCRF Chief Executive

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