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Our Finance Risk & Audit Committee

Our Finance Risk & Audit Committee (FRAC) supports the Committee of Management by independently verifying the corporate reporting process, bringing advice and expertise on investment strategy and finance policies, as well as budgeting, audit, and risk management oversight. Our members come from varied and accomplished backgrounds providing a level of transparency and accountability for the OCRF community.

Mr Nathan Preyser

Treasurer and Finance Risk & Audit Committee Chairperson

Committee of Management Member

Ms Julie Toop

Committee of Management Chairperson

Menchi Schneier

Director, Ernst & Young

Menchi is a Director in Ernst & Young Melbourne’s Advisory Practice; with over 16 years’ experience in leading teams across a range of strategic, operational, and financial services with a focus on business process, risk management, governance, internal controls and behavioural analysis.

Menchi attends and reports to the Audit Committee for a number of large organisations and is a non-executive member of a large charity board. Menchi’s experience includes coordination of the delivery of major programs of work including risk and internal audit programs for Government and public service Departments and Agencies as well as multi-national organisations.

Menchi has experience in providing strategic advice to boards, audit committees and senior management; including building a stronger culture of risk management and internal financial and operational control within their organisations. He has worked with some of Australia’s largest companies and government agencies in addressing the practical challenges of better internal audit and risk management. He regularly works closely with CEO’s and senior executive management and Boards to implement change. Menchi has led the delivery of consulting, risk and advisory services to a wide range of organisations in both the private and public sector.

Mr Justin Flynn

CFO, NCI Packaging

Justin is a CFO and Finance Director with over 20 years’ experience in a variety of industries including warehousing & distribution, supply chain, logistics and manufacturing. Broad commercial skills include strategy, financial management, leadership, change management & transformation, human resources, warehousing and operations.

Justin is currently Chair of Road Trauma Support Services Victoria, an NFP that supports people impacted by road trauma through counselling services and education programs.

Importantly, Justin is deeply connected to the cause. His wife, Leane Flynn, is an ovarian cancer patient and OCRF Ambassador.