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Our Consumer Representative Panel

Our Consumer Representative Panel (CRP) brings together those affected by ovarian cancer to offer advice and recommendations from a consumer perspective to the Committee of Management and the OCRF Team. Our CRP members offer unique and valuable insights into how research is designed, conducted and translated and help to ensure high research quality and relevance to those most affected by the disease. The CRP also supports the translation of our research impact to the broader community.

Ms Anne-Marie Corboy

Consumer Representative Panel Chairperson

Committee of Management Member

Ms Chris Christensen

Chairperson, Cancer Voices South Australia

Chris is a six times survivor of primary peritoneal/ovarian cancer, first diagnosed in August 2010. Her main treatments have included two major operations, four lines of chemotherapy, and participation in the ARIEL2 PARP Inhibitor drug trial as a person with the BRCA 1 gene.

Chris is the Chair of Cancer Voices South Australia a 100% volunteer organisation whose purpose is to raise an independent voice to influence the achievement of better outcomes for people affected by cancer. Chris speaks to medical, nursing and allied health students, health professionals and researchers about her experience of cancer.

Her areas of interest cover the cancer continuum and include equitable access to holistic, high quality patient centred treatment and ongoing care; consumer voice and engagement in all aspects of cancer services and policy; survivorship; genetics and rare cancers; trials as a treatment option; cancer research; and public education about cancer. She has also established a Cancer Voices Walking Group which supports her focus on wellness, not just illness.

Chris is a consumer representative on a number of state based committees such as the Chemotherapy Standards Reference Group, the SA Pathology Safety and Quality Group, the SA Clinical Trials Network, and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Consumer and Community Advisory Group. Chris is also a consumer representative on a number of research projects such as Digital Health Applications in Cancer Care and Advanced Care Planning in Vulnerable Populations.

During her professional career Chris worked in policy and leadership positions in the South Australian Public Service including Education and Child Development, Cabinet Office and Intergovernmental Relations.

Dr Francine Marques

Medical Researcher, Chemo and Beauty Blogger, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

Dr Marques is a Melbourne medical researcher who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015, at the age of just 31. “I used to exercise regularly and I did not smoke, neither was I overweight. I didn’t know I had some of the symptoms, including pelvic pain and frequent urination. Other common symptoms include abdominal bloating, loss of appetite or feeling full quickly, change in bowel habits, menstrual irregularities and lack of energy. To my surprise, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer’’. Dr Marques has spoken at length about her own experience hoping to help other women have the best chance of staying healthy.

Ms Kel Pittman

OCRF Ambassador, Ovarian Cancer Patient

Kel was 43 years old when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2014.  After undergoing immediate treatment and being declared in remission, Kel unfortunately suffered a relapse in September 2017. She completed her follow-up chemotherapy in August of last year and will commence her next round of treatment later this year. Her focus is now on managing the disease for life, and supporting the research that will ensure her daughter won’t face the same threats in her adult life. 

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We're giving hope to women like Kel

“I don’t want my daughter to fear this. A test for ovarian cancer isn’t going to save my life, but it might just save hers or one of her friends."
- Kel Pittman, OCRF Ambassador, Ovarian Cancer Patient

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