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Donate monthly to invest in vital ovarian cancer research

The Lab is a community of like-minded people coming together to provide a solid foundation of funding, each month, so that vital ovarian cancer research can continue uninterrupted.

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Join the team where real progress is made. Ovarian cancer is taking the lives of Australian women at an alarming rate—the best thing you can do to help is become a member of The Lab. By committing to a regular donation you’ll give ongoing support to research that will save women’s lives.

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By joining The Lab, you'll be helping researchers like Dr Maree Bilandzic achieve research breakthroughs.

Her work is focused on stopping ovarian cancer from spreading through new treatment:

“A few years ago my team and I discovered a certain strain of ovarian cancer cells called “leader cells”. These cells are responsible for the spreading of cancerous cells to healthy tissue and they’re also very hard to kill with chemotherapy. With the help of The Lab community we’ve been able to target these leader cells and stop them in their tracks. We still have a lot of work to do but the ultimate goal is to destroy this leader cell population for good, allowing for chemotherapy to be used and to stop the disease recurring.”

Join The Lab to fund researchers like Dr Bilandzic

This is more than a donation. It’s a commitment to being there for every woman faced with ovarian cancer. It’s stepping up to say you’re invested in this mission, you’re part of the team that will make a difference.

As a member of The Lab, your commitment and contributions are invaluable. In return, we’ll make you part of the team by providing you with:

  • Exclusive opportunities to hear directly from researchers on the frontline  
  • Stories about the women you’re supporting Details on exactly where your dollars are going 
  • The chance to help guide our work with Q&As, feedback opportunities and online events 
  • A tight knit community as dedicated as you are to ending ovarian cancer

“Though we can’t buy ourselves more time, by speeding up the research process we can develop new treatments to help women who are living with ovarian cancer right now. The kind of breakthroughs we’re all waiting for, they take a lot of hard work. But there’s something we can do to move it forward and that’s providing continuous funding so research teams can keep working on the treatments that my wife and others like her desperately need.”