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To everyone who has ever wanted to know what I look like bald, the wait is finally over - mark the date in your calendar because on Friday 1 July my luscious locks will be gone!

You may know my mum by one of her many names - Dawn, Theo’s wife, Monique’s mum, a Foster mum, Dawny, Gubbi or Patricia but to me and my sister she is just our mum.

Mum has been diagnosed with late stage Ovarian cancer. I’ve just been told by a real doctor that your cervix and ovaries are two different things (yeah, I don’t have children). Pap smears and mammograms are the early detection tests for cervical and breast cancer but sadly, in 2022, there is still no early stage testing for Ovarian cancer.

I’m here to ask for your support - big or small. If we’re going to make an impact and do something meaningful and worthwhile then research is the answer.

And, if I know my friends and family, donating money to see my bald head is a great way to start!

To my mum - you are the centre of my world and the Mandemaker family - I’m not ready to lose you. So lets continue to fight. We are all with you every step of the way.

This shave is my love letter to you.


My Updates

01 Jul 2022

WE DID IT! Thank you to each and every person that donated to such an important cause, I am so moved by the support. Today is the day, off she goes. Mum, I love you

30 Jun 2022

Less than 24 hours to go and I can’t sleep! This day has come sooner than I imagined. I am so grateful to two of our closest friends Renee Saville, (owner of Frais Studios) who will shave my pea head and the sweetest girl I know, Candi Hayward (photographer extraordinaire) who will be on hand to capture the memories we make tomorrow. Thank you girls from the bottom of my heart xxxx

21 Jun 2022

One of my favourite photos of mum taken in Fiji a week before her diagnosis and our lives changed. The pure joy of this moment and being with my biggest supporter meant so much to me, and makes shaving my head one of the easiest decisions I’ll make in this lifetime. A special shout-out to all the mums who have the sometimes thankless task of raising crazy kids, especially one like me!

14 Jun 2022

Through their own fostering journey with our little bro “D”, my parents were introduced to Bernadette & Pat Burns who quickly became close family friends. They,(together with my school friend Joel Dorman) co-founded Thrive House after working in the Child Protection & Disability space. They saw an urgent need for safe residential spaces for young people that would create genuine change. A heartfelt thank you to Bernadette, Pat & Joel for getting me across the finish line!

07 Jun 2022

A big shoutout and thank you to all of my sister’s cabin crew friends and aviator nerds who have contributed without knowing me.

I know she really appreciates all the support you’ve shown for our family!

Ps it’s not too late to convince Mon to join in and shave as well 😂

03 Jun 2022

27 days to go. I’d be lying to say I’m not scared of shaving my head, but there's a big difference between choosing to shave your hair & having no choice.

It has been my experience that long hair and femininity are intrinsically linked. Shaving your head as a woman is seen as rebellious or crazy.

As soon as mum lost her hair there was no doubt in my mind that I would this in a very public way. I hope I find it empowering.

Please share this page to help us reach our goal!

30 May 2022

I’m honestly blown away by all of the friends, family and extended human beings who have taken the time to chip in for this great cause, thank you to each and every person who has donated so far. We’re a third of the way there!

29 May 2022

Big love and thanks to the boys in our family for shaving in solidarity with Mum - Dad, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Mike and my cousin Luke. What a bunch of beauties xx

29 May 2022

My beautiful coneheads with Piper yesterday on her 3rd birthday yesterday - 38 years married and Dad says mum looks more beautiful than ever x