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Annual Nude Lunch

On 6 September, 820 supporters gathered in Mackay, Queensland for the annual Nude Lunch. This year, they were remembering and celebrating the life of the event’s founder, Trudy Crowley, who lost her battle with ovarian cancer last year.

The audience heard from a series of speakers about the impact their fundraising will have—including funding a specialist ovarian cancer nurse based at the Icon Cancer Centre in Mackay. OCRF-funded researcher Dr Maree Bilandzic also made a passionate address, detailing her Precision Medicine Project made possible through a $10,000 donation from the Trudy Crowley Foundation.

Special thanks to Jody-Lee Euler and Patrice Jamieson for extending the invitation to the OCRF to attend. We would like to congratulate the members of the Nude Lunch organising committee for their tireless work in making this event an outstanding success.

Trudy’s story

In 2016, after receiving a Stage 4 diagnosis, Trudy wanted to host an event that would have a lasting impact on her community and make a positive difference for women like her with ovarian cancer.

Now, four years on, the event is a highlight of the Mackay social calendar and has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cause about which Trudy cared so deeply.

24 September 2019
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