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In honour of Suzanne

When Carla’s mother, Suzanne discovered she had Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer in November 2012, her family support team flew into action.

In the three years that followed, Carla, her siblings and her father were by Suzanne’s side as she faced an operation, chemotherapy, and tried every natural remedy or treatment that was available. Throughout all this, Suzanne planned big holidays every year, to all the places she had always wanted to go.

Sadly, Suzanne passed away at the age of just 66.

Today, Carla works in the family business that was founded by her parents, Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard in the Hunter Valley.

“For the past few years I have thought about trying to raise some money for OCRF but just didn’t feel ready to stand up and talk about it with our members, but this year I decided I could do it. I really wanted to do it in honour of Mum, and to help support all of those currently going through Ovarian Cancer.”

Each year, the vineyard restaurant holds a members luncheon. This year, Carla added $20 to the ticket price and advised attendees that this would be donated to the OCRF.

“I had some really lovely generous local businesses support us by donating prizes for a raffle, and on the luncheon day we sold raffle tickets to our guests. Also over that whole weekend we popped a sign up in our cellar door, advertising that were donating 5% of our weekend cellar wine sales. “

Carla’s amazing efforts to date, have raised over $17,000 for the OCRF. It is Carla’s hope that these efforts will help the quest to find an early detection test. “Particularly when there are 3 granddaughters in our family and my sister and myself.”

Carla said she was very proud with the end result, and she certainly has every right to be. We have no doubt that your Mum would be very proud too, Carla.

26 November 2019
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