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OCRF funded research

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation exists because ovarian cancer research has been undervalued and underfunded by successive Governments. Whilst the landscape is changing and more attention is being given to ovarian cancer research, the OCRF provides researchers around Australia and New Zealand with the opportunity to gain access to sustained funding.

The projects selected for funding are in line with the OCRF’s research priorities:

a) Early Detection
  • Identifying early events in tumour formation and progression, to help diagnose the presence of ovarian cancer
  • Identifying biomarkers that are at a concentration detectable at the early stages of the disease
b) Management & Treatment
  • Developing new targets for therapy
  • Looking at the best way to beat chemotherapy resistance
  • Investigating methods that may block the ability of the cancer to spread


Name of Study

Research Institution

Funded Until

Early Detection

1. Dr Andrew N Stephens

Measuring the “CXCL10 Active Ratio” as a Novel Diagnostic Approach to Ovarian Cancer Detection

Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Jun 2021

2. Dr Carlos Salomon

Tumour-derived Exosomes as a Signature of Ovarian Cancer – Liquid Biopsies as Indicators of Tumour Progression

Centre for Clinical Diagnostics, University of Queensland

Jun 2021

3. Dr Kristina Warton

Methylated Circulating DNA in Blood for the Early Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer

School of Women’s and Children’s Health, UNSW

Jun 2020

4. Professor Martin K Oehler

Autoantibody Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer Detection

University of Adelaide

Apr 2020

5. Associate Professor Michelle Hill

Discovery of new blood protein biomarkers to detect ovarian cancer earlier in order to improve prognosis and survival rates

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Jun 2021

Management & Treatment

6. Dr Sherry Wu

Re-activating Anti-tumour Immunity by Targeting N-MYC-Let7 Axis in Ovarian Cancer

University of Queensland

Dec 2020