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Join Australia's most fashionable fundraisers!

During the month of October, something as simple as the clothes we put on our backs has the potential to start important conversations, raise awareness, and support ovarian cancer research.

Empowering people around Australia to channel their creative flair through their favourite frocks, all while raising urgently needed funds for the OCRF's innovative research projects that help to shine a light on ovarian cancer. Visit the Frocktober website to find out more.

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Ovarian cancer is a silent killer that too often gets overlooked by policymakers, by society, and sometimes by women themselves.

And the only way to fight that silence is to get loud.

To get loud by sharing stats on social.
To get loud by wearing something that will spark a conversation.
To get loud by making a splash at an event.
To get loud by quietly remembering a loved one.
To get loud by funding research (because actions speak louder than words).
To get loud by exclaiming eureka in the Lab.
To get loud by bringing our collective voices together to make a difference for all women, now and in the future.

Getting loud means different things to different people and however you want to get loud, we support you.

So this Frocktober, let’s get loud.

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Sam Pidgeon has been participating in Frocktober since 2014 raising over $48,700. She shares with us why she continues to be involved each year

I started out in the first year I participated with a goal to raise $500 and have a bit of fun for a great cause.  Over the years, with the help of so many generous friends and family, my Frocktober campaign has raised thousands of dollars. Being an OCRF frocker has become a positive and gratifying part of my life. Last year, a friend with ovarian cancer sent me a long message telling me that knowing there were so many people donating to the OCRF gave her hope and sense of solidarity.  That's what it's all about."

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