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A nationwide call for ovarian cancer research funding

Help save the lives of 8,000 Australian women over the next decade by advocating for increased funding of ovarian cancer research

If a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer today, the chance that she will still be alive five years later is just 46 per cent. A lack of progress in research means our next generation of women are facing the same dire outcomes. An early detection test for ovarian cancer will change that—if we invest now in early detection research, we can save the lives of more than 8,000 Australian women over the next decade.

Our State of the Nation report found that a lack of early detection was the most significant barrier to improving survival outcomes and experts agree that research into an early detection test must be a key priority.

But this area is still underfunded by the Australian government—who currently fund only 19% of early detection research. That’s why we’re asking the government to: 

  • Increase funding for a life-saving ovarian cancer early detection test 
  • Partner on a national approach to research so we can more quickly find an early detection method, and ways to stop the disease in its tracks. 

We need your help to advocate on behalf of women across Australia and ask for this critical research to be prioritised on the national agenda. Add your name below.

I want the Australian government to make ovarian cancer research a priority to save the lives of women across Australia.