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A decade
with the “beastie”

One family's battle with ovarian cancer and the silver linings that helped them through

Follow this intimate narrative documenting one Melbourne family’s experience, while their Mum and wife, Mandy Herbert, faced ovarian cancer—including the positive impact research and community support had on their life during this time.

Words by Mandy’s daughter Georgie, with additions from Mandy’s husband Philip, younger daughter Penny, doctors and friends. Accompanied by extracts from Mandy’s personal diary.

Before 2006


Mandy had just turned 50. She was living in the Glen Iris home she'd shared with her husband Philip for 30 years, with their daughters Georgie and Penny. Their life was busy and their home was always full of friends and laughter. Life was good and there was still so much of it to look forward to.



The next phase

The first two years