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Fundraising Tips

There are so many ways that you can choose to raise funds for the OCRF’s ovarian cancer research initiatives.

You can get involved in the two major OCRF-run fundraising campaigns throughout the year: the White Shirt Campaign in partnership with Witchery in April–May, and Frocktober, a community fundraising initiative held throughout the month of October.

You can also choose to hold your own fundraiser in your own way throughout the year—whether it’s a dinner, sports event or workplace fundraiser. Or, be one of the very first supporters to run in the brand new #teamOCRF gear at your next fun run or charity race. 

Whichever way you choose to raise funds, you’ll be given access to a library of tools, resources and tips to help you make it as successful and fun as possible.

Here are a few to get you started:

Top five fundraising tips

1. Personalise your online fundraising page

When you fundraise on behalf of the OCRF, you’ll be asked to create an online fundraising page. As well as being an easy way to gather donations online, it’s also the ideal spot to share your story, update your supporters with your progress, and thank them for all of their help.

2. Set a realistic goal

Profiles with a target raise almost 50% more money than those without. Don’t know where to start? For your first fundraiser, why not start with $1,000—you can always raise it if your amazing supporters approach it before the cut off date. It’s also a good idea to set yourself little challenges along the way—like trying to raise $240 in the next 24 hours, or to receive donations from 10 new supporters in a week.

3. Start with a self-donation

Did you know that when your supporters see that you’ve donated yourself, they’re more likely to give to you? Plus, the higher the first donation, the higher the average donation will be—so give BIG and show your supporters that you’re serious about raising money.

4. Use your networks

Fundraising is all about asking, so think about friends, family, colleagues and recreational communities who would be willing to support your event through a gift or donation. Plus, here at the OCRF, we always love hearing about what our amazing fundraisers are up to—and we may have the opportunity to profile your event and help spread the word further.

5. Follow up post-event

Did you know that 20% of donations come in after the event is over? Don’t forget to thank everyone who made your event possible, show off photos from the day, and sneak in a final ask to help you hit your target.