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Jemima Leydon

When Jemima was just five years old, she was heartbreakingly diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As you can imagine, it was a complete shock and caused an immense strain on her family. It is a fear every parent can understand; the nightmare of having to watch their child affected by such an insidious disease.

Spending long periods of their lives in and out of hospital, and Jemima’s ongoing treatment, certainly took its toll. However, looking back on this trying time, Jemima’s mother Megan says that it made the family bonds unbreakable.

Thanks to the support of those closest to her, and a fantastic medical team, Jemima and her family made it through.

Determined not to let ovarian cancer define or limit her life, Jemima wants to be an advocate for supporting ovarian cancer research. Now 17 years old and fully recovered, she is opening up about her story after meeting women going through their treatment and sharing their experiences.