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We’re facing a funding gap and need your help by June 30 to maintain the momentum in ovarian cancer research. Make a tax-deductible gift today.

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Keep Research Moving Forward

The OCRF has made significant strides in advancing ovarian cancer research, working hard to improve outcomes for all women and girls—but we are now facing a funding gap that will impact our ability to keep research moving.

Over the past three years, we have been able to increase the pool of funding available in priority research areas, generating real momentum for the ovarian cancer research space. This was further supported by the Australian Government earlier this year, when new funding was awarded to 8 research projects, including three projects funded by the OCRF.

However, due to the advent of COVID-19, we've had to put a number of our fundraising events on hold and our usual campaigns have been significantly affected, leaving a $1.5 million gap in research funding over the next 12 months. This puts our current momentum at risk.

We're making progress

The increasing community support over the past three years has enabled new projects to the funded, such as the Precision Medicine Program in Ovarian Cancer (PMPOC).

Precision Medicine aims to change the one-size-fits-all approach to ovarian cancer treatment, as there has been no real change to treatment plans for 30 years. As a result, ovarian cancer patients experience extremely high rates of recurrence, with the disease quickly becoming resistance to traditional treatment (like chemotherapy).

The PMPOC team at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research are uncovering strategies that show promise in suppressing the disease, or reducing the likelihood of recurrence once drug treatment commences.

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We can't let the momentum slow

Since the Precision Medicine project began 12 months ago, researchers have made substantial progress in understanding how women respond to an individualised treatment program.

The project is now moving closer to clinical trials, but we need more funding to advance it to the next stage. We can't allow the momentum of this project to slow.

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Help break the cycle

Our researchers are working to ensure families don’t continue to experience the heartbreak that Giovanna Ienco’s family suffered.

In 2012, Giovanna was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at just 15 years old. Three months later, she passed away. Her story could’ve been different if the cancer was discovered earlier. But currently, without an early detection test and with limited treatment options —women and girls are being left in the dark.

Giovanna and her Dad, Fred.

We need to be able to move forward on new, life-saving research—research that has the potential to change the outcome for girls like Giovanna. 

Her story could’ve been different if the cancer was discovered earlier. But currently, there is no early detection test for this insidious disease—women and girls are being left in the dark.

Your support will ensure this research can continue to change the story for women and girls everywhere. Make a 100% tax deductible gift today.