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MRFF opens $25 million funding opportunity for early detection research

In August 2020, the OCRF released its independent report on the State of the Nation in ovarian cancer research. Among the report's main findings was a consensus between researchers, clinicians and other experts that early detection for ovarian cancer was the number one breakthrough needed to save women's lives. Despite this, it was revealed that early detection only received 7% of all ovarian cancer research funding over the past decade.

The OCRF is excited to announce that, armed with the findings of its State of the Nation Report, it has successfully lobbied government and secured additional funding for research projects with a focus on early detection. With $16.2 million secured in 2019 by the OCRF continuing to support active research projects, there is now an additional $25 million available, with individual grants estimated at a value of $4 million.

What is the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) is a $20 billion long-term investment supporting Australian health and medical research. The MRFF aims to transform health and medical research and innovation to improve lives, build the economy and contribute to health system sustainability. 

What is the funding opportunity?

The announcement comes as part of the NHMRC and Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) – 2020 Improving Diagnosis in Cancers with Low Survival Rates grant.

This opportunity will provide more funding potential for research specifically geared toward early detection, with successful applications required to address one of two research streams:

  • Stream 1: utilise existing evidence to develop or improve approaches for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, cancers of the pancreas, liver cancer or lung cancer that have a clinically feasible pathway to implementation.
  • Stream 2: enable approaches for the early diagnosis of cancers with unknown primary site that have a clinically feasible pathway to implementation
What does this mean for ovarian cancer research?

Ovarian cancer researchers from around the country have a unique opportunity through this grant to apply for funding which exclusively supports early detection research. It is also a welcome acknowledgement by the Federal Government that in order to see a stepped change in ovarian cancer survival, significant and sustained funding must be made available to support ongoing research into potential early detection tests that will catch ovarian cancer before it's too late.

This funding is also testament to the commitment and dedication of our researchers, committee members, partners, fundraisers and wider OCRF community who continue to contribute their time and energy to advocating for every woman, everywhere, free from the threat of ovarian cancer. 

grant application details

We encourage all OCRF-funded researchers to apply for funding through the MRFF grant, which provides additional funding opportunities on top of the annual OCRF Grant Scheme. which is now accepting applications for 2021.

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01 January 2021
Category: Research news