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Vision & Mission

Everybody strives to live well—happily, healthily, fully. The OCRF wants to ensure a future where no woman’s well-being is under threat from ovarian cancer.

Our vision and mission articulate this philosophy.

Our Vision

Every woman, everywhere—free from the threat of ovarian cancer.

Our ultimate aim is the development of a cure for ovarian cancer, which will save all women from this insidious disease.


Our hope for a brighter future

“Hope is a really important part of the story when you have cancer. It's what enables you to keep going.”
- Sarah Tidey, OCRF ambassador, Ovarian Cancer Patient

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Our Mission

Funding innovative ovarian cancer research to save women’s lives through early detection and personalised treatment.

With the support of the Australian community and our corporate partners, we are Australia’s pre-eminent charity dedicated to funding the most promising and innovative ovarian cancer research proposals that:

  • provide hope and personalised treatment options aimed at extending the lives of women currently fighting ovarian cancer
  • aim to develop a non-invasive, accessible and reliable early detection test that will save women’s lives, shifting five-year ovarian cancer survival rates from 46% to 90–100%
  • are focused on prevention and cure so that women in the future will live without any threat of ovarian cancer


Lack of awareness is a huge hurdle to overcome

“It was very unknown. Very few people talked about it. I was personally, completely unaware of the severity of this insidious, dreadful disease and, being a mother to young women.”
- Liz Heliotis, OCRF co-founder

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